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RACK is my rock band.

Visit the official web page and the Myspace page.

The Bring A Friend EP is available for free download.

1. Headphones(mp3 - 3.8 MB)
2. Because(mp3 - 4.7 MB)
3. Catch Me(mp3 - 4.8 MB)
4. Bring A Friend(mp3 - 5.1 MB)

From the Demo 2007: Global Warming

Skin (mp3 - 3,5MB)
Come on in(mp3 - 5MB)
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Jazzhead is my Jazz Duo with the exceptional gitarrist, Rolf Obst.

Dates and Sounds are available at the Myspace page.


Raviindra - Songs of Devotion

Raviindra Songs of Devotion
I had the opportunity to record two tracks ("Song No. 5234" and "Song For My Love") on this wonderful CD of "Indian Inspired World Music." The tracks are a mixture of traditional Indian and Western music, with Indian, Western and some electronic instruments. It's a truly refreshing and original CD of inspired compositions.

And yeah, the songs had me sweating when I recorded them!

Listen to and buy the CD here.

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WOODLAWN: sliver
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wooDLawn Sliver
The long awaited CD follow-up to the critically acclaimed EP, Sunlight. The sound is Gothic/Industrial Rock/Metal.
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WOODLAWN: Sunlight
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wooDLawn Sunlight
If you dig Evanescence, you'll dig this. The sound is Gothic/Industrial Rock/Metal.

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Jason Burke Swimming
I recorded this CD both at Jason's studio in North Carolina and at my home studio here in Germany. The music swings from wonderful Modern Rock to Progressive Rock. It was a pleasure to record the CD, and I look forward to doing the next one.

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MATCHPOINT: Heut' ist unser Tag / Our Finest Hour
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Matchpoint Heut' ist unser Tag/Our Finest Hour
One of my songs is being used by the VfB Friedrichshafen Volleyball Team as their Anthem. A CD of the English and German versions is available at the games. This ain't your average run-of-the-mill volleyball team--VfB FN are the 2004 German national champions again (6th time), and play in the international Champions League. The style of the song is Modern Pop with a 70's groove.

Goujroy Goujroy
Goujroy was a prog rock/metal band that existed for one year: mid '94 to mid '95. Goujroy never released their first CD, but I'm making the tracks available at Soundclick.com.

One of the things Goujroy accomplished in their short career was having a video produced. We were fortunate enough to have a friend who was getting a degree in audio and video production, and he used us as the subject for his final project.

Wake Me mp3
Drunk mp3
See My Way mp3

Doug Holste - vocals
Rob Kainz - guitars
Brian Burke - keys
Oliver Sampson - bass
Nick Campbell - drums

Other Tracks

Terry Munday
I did this remix to give this great song a different dimension. I didn't try to mutate the song too much; I just wanted to look at the song from a different angle. The sound I was going for was Electronica-meets-Gutiar-Virtuoso, but without losing the traditional sound of a band.
Welcome to the Last Hotel (Hanging Lower Remix) mp3

Sambinha falls into the category of Latin Jazz by playing Real Book Samba/Bossa Nova but also plays popular modern brazilian songs from Daniela Mercury, Carlinhos Brown and a few others. Here are some links to mp3 excerpts hosted over at Ralle Fricker's (Sambinha's drummer) site:

Crendice mp3
Domingo mp3
Favela mp3
Lagoina mp3
Uma Nota So (One Note Samba) mp3
Pegadas Na Areia mp3
Mas Que Nadamp3