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10 Jun 07 In case you haven't noticed, my live schedule is starting to pad out. And if your eyes are really good, you'll see that I'm playing with a project called Planet Pop. Planet Pop is a new cover band started by singer-extraordinaire Rudi Sass and myself, and we're already starting to land some of the top gigs in the area. Stay tuned; this one's going to be exciting!

30 Apr 07 The move to the new ISP is complete! Check out the new newsletter subscription form!

16 Apr 07 Yep, the site got hacked. Fortunately I only lost one (pretty important) file, so after a bit of fiddlin', a bit of tweakin', a bit of a-hemmin' and a-hawin', I was able to get it up (har!) in no time. Coincidentally, I'll be moving my site to a new ISP shortly, whereby I was planning on digging a little deeper into the black magic that is PHP. If you haven't noticed, my Myspace page has been getting a little more regular action than this on the update front. That will soon change. Anyhow, sorry about the inconvenience.

15 Apr 07 The new RACK video is done!

24 Feb 07A little re-jiggling of the layout of the site. Web 2.0 and Contact have been merged into Connect.

19 Feb 07 I've converted the Gourjoy video for "Wake Me" to streaming form: Coooool.

27 Jan 07 You'll notice that the MySpace link has turned into a Web 2.0 link. Feel free to come hang out with me at some of my favorite sites!

25 Jan 07 The new Rack demo is out! You can check it out over on the Rack mySpace page!