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25 Oct 06 Part of the gig Sambinha did on 2 Sep is going to be broadcast on N-TV on 10 Nov at 7:30pm. Be sure to check it out.

29 Sep 06 If you haven't checked out the Live page recently, you've missed lots of new dates in the planning. See you on the road!

02 Sep 06 Die deutsche Version meiner Biografie ist jetz on-line! The German Version of my Bio is up!

22 Aug 06 The mySpace bandwagon just made a stop. Check it out.

22 Jun 06 I got called by a Reggae band, Matafro, to play some gigs this summer. Check out the Live page. And I've added some Sambinha dates. More to come!

12 Apr 06 I've added a new lesson--Playing Scales Part 2. And I've updated Playing Scales - Part 1 again to reflect some comments I've gotten. (Thanks!) All of the examples are now the same scale to put the emphasis on the different fingerings. (Notice the version 1.1.)

23 Mar 06 Updated the Playing Scales - Part 1 lesson to make the examples a bit more readable, and to correct a couple of small errors.

04 Mar 06 Added a review of Slap It! over on the lessons page.

21 Feb 06 Updated the press page with a couple of articles from 2004 about the Matchpoint - Heut' ist unser Tag/Our Finest Hour CD.

19 Feb 06 A new lesson, Playing Scales - Part 1 - Techniques to learn how to play scales better while increasing mastery of the basic vocabulary of music and knowledge of the instrument, is online in the lessons.

23 Jan 06 I dug up the review I wrote for the ADA MB-1 and linked it from the gear page. Check it out!

16 Jan 06 The new wooDLawn CD, sliver, is available. Check out the music page for details.