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2005 News and Updates

30 Dec 05 Updated with new Press from the gala concert in Bad Waldsee.

22 Dec 05 I've put the video that Goujroy did in 1995 for "Wake Me" on line. Download! Enjoy!

10 Dec 05 New gigs in the Live section.

26 Nov 05 Another new lesson! The Drummer's Right Hand-Part 2

19 Nov 05 There's a new lesson up over on the Lessons page: The Drummer's Right Hand-Part 1.

14 Nov 05 The Bass section is now the Lessons section. I've got lots planned for this part of the website!

09 Nov 05 There's a new section with links to Press and CD Reviews.

04 Nov 05 I've added a gallery. It's a little thin on material right now, but I'll add more as I go through some of the old pictures.

03 Nov 05 The move to the new ISP is complete! Believe me, this will be making my life much easier.

27 Oct 05 wooDLawn will be pressing a promo series of the new CD! Stay tuned here for more details. And check out the sexy new wooDLawn site!

15 Oct 05 I've added links to some of the Sambinha soundclips over on the Music page.

13 Oct 05 The new web site is online! Browse around; feel free to drop me a line with your comments.

There are some new gigs over in the Live section